Senior Squad

The Senior Squad offers a more complex range of techniques advancing on skills already obtained throughout your time within the Junior Squad.

Your practiced techniques and stroke styles will allow you to advance confidently into the competitive swimming environment, racing at regional, state and national carnivals.

Book a free introduction lesson

Our introduction lessons take place daily between 3pm and 6pm depending on the age and skill level of the swimmer. During your introduction lesson, you will meet the coaches, view our facilities and experience a 60-minute training session.

How much are Senior Squad classes?

Classes are available Monday to Friday at 4.45pm to 6.30pm, as well as on nominated mornings from 5.30am to 7.00am.

  • Senior Squad Class Pass (once per week) = $16.50 per person per week x number of weeks in block
  • Unlimited Classes Pass = $30 per person per week x number of weeks in block
  • Part-Block Attendance Pass = $20 per class x number of weeks in block