Wellington Point Allstars Swim Club

Wellington Point Allstars Swim Club

Are you interested in taking your swimming to the next level?

The ‘Wellington Point Allstars Swim Club’ will transform swimming into a sport for your children. No longer is it primarily focused on water safety and survival skills, but becomes a place where your children can improve their swimming skills and fitness levels in a competitive yet fun, motivating and family environment.

Our club works in close association with Fast Lane Swim School who donate free of charge their coaches time, allowing your children to receive expert training and advice regarding their techniques.

Whatever age or level of ability, our swim club will provide your children with the opportunity to swim recreationally (for fun and fitness) as well as competitively at a range of meets, Club Nights and Club Championships offered by the team at Wellington Point Allstars Swim Club, as well as by other regional, state and national sporting associations.

We will help your children to develop good sportsmanship with their friends and motivate them to achieve their personal best times, finding that swimming star within!


Did You Know... Wellington Point Allstars Swim Club is 100% not for profit. The coaches, administration and club night helpers donate 100% of their time and are NOT paid by the club in any way. Our team give the hours at club nights and on their weekends for the love of the sport and helping your children achieve their swimming aspirations. Dedicated and committed.

Did You Know... Memberships fees include a swimming cap. These fees go towards industry insurance and swimming qld fees. The remainder is put towards medals and trophies for your children at the end of the season. Any additional fundraising made from canteen or raffles throughout the season also goes towards these as well as an end of season break up party for the kids.

Did You Know... We accept Get Started Vouchers. If you are attending our swim club, apply for a Get Started Voucher and if eligible you can use this voucher to pay for the club season fees. https://www.qld.gov.au/…/fu…/getinthegame/getstarted/apply/…


For more information visit our Facebook page or email us.

Online:  facebook/wellingtonpointallstarsswimclub

Email:  allstarsswimclub@outlook.com


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