Learn to Swim

Our Learn To Swim classes are suitable for people of all ages; from 4 month old babies through to adults. We cover all aspects in learning how to swim, including pool safety in and out of the water, entering and exiting the water safely, water confidence, breathing, stroke styles (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly), kicking, use of assisted pool equipment, pool diving, and perfecting underwater turns.

There are 9 levels in our Learn To Swim program; with the earlier levels providing the basis for getting to know the water in and out of the pool which in turn helps build confidence in the water and awareness, whilst the upper levels prepare you for increased involvement in water based activities.

Each level is designed to ensure your children learn every aspect of swimming, as well as offering challenges and allowing them to advance to the next level once confident with each technique.

Classes are available Monday to Friday, every 30 minutes from 3.45pm, and on Saturday’s from 7.30am.

- Learn To Swim 12 Class Pass (once per week) = $200 per person for 12 week block

- Learn To Swim 24 Class Pass (twice per week) = $300 per person for 12 week block

- Part-Block Attendance Pass = $19 per class (multiplied by number of classes required if less than 12)